Friday, June 13, 2008

I didn't forget

I crafted yesterday! Two days ago I went through all my sewing/crafting/world domination supplies and sorted. Note that I didn't say that I got rid of any, I just took stock. Instead of buying any more supplies, I actually (brace yourself, Nettie) used the supplies on their intended project. I know! Wow. I'm about to go back to the fainting couch, but I had to let you know.

I did buy beads. My name is Queen and I'm a craft-aholic. Also a clearance-aholic, because they were packages of beyootiful beads for only one dolla. I wouldn't lie to you, Nettie. So I brought those poor unwanted beads home and made a purty necklace, as I'm sure the crafting gods intended. I actually had all the supplies I needed for the necklace! I'm gonna have to do this sorting thingy more often. And I found some earring backings (findings?) so that I could finally turn these tiny vintage brooches into earrings. Since I'd already backslid with the beads, I didn't go buy actually wire pliers, but rooted around in Wayne's toolbox and found some rusty wire cutter. A word of advice--if you're going to use the improper tool, use it in a safe way. I found that the wire cutters worked wonderfully, except that they sent the shredded brooch backings pinging all over the living room from the force. Solution? Turn the damn brooches over so that the backings you are removing merely embed themselves in the coffee table instead of scattering craft shrapnel all over the room. That's the lesson for today, boys and girls!


capello said...

pictures! need pictures! :-)

The Queen said...

Can't. Find. Camera. To. Computer. Cord. Anywhere! And DH (which stands for Damn Husband in this case) swears it's dangling from the back of the tower. Uh, NO! I would have been able to find it when you oh-so-helpfully told me it was 'dangling from the back of the computer' IF IT WAS ACTUALLLY THERE. Sorry. I'll keep looking.